Studio Macario

Management advisory studio of Professor Giuseppe, Pio Macario [cv], Chartered Public Accountant and Certified Legal Auditor, with a matured Audit & Management professional corporate experience since 1988. His professional experience was mainly acquired at KPMG, leading international management and financial audit company. Since October 1992, he advanced as sole practitioner and owner of the very same Studio and as consultant for companies and organisations, both on a national and international scale.

The Studio, established in 1992, evolved in 2008 its original and consolidated denomination, changing it from Studio Management Aziendale Macario® to Studio Audit & Management Macario®. This evolution reflects the acquisition and profusion of a broader professionalism, as well as a semantic solution and combination to represent its origins and annotate its ownership.

The search for the most suitable denomination is the result of an attentive representative effort of the Studio’s vision, which reflects the profused mission of its founder and owner, according to whom:

The Chartered Public Accountant [*] and Certified Legal Auditor is a business management professional and, as such, should be capable of playing the role of external manager, who provides and generates the most adequate management competencies for the company, thus systematically underpinning the journey for continuous improvement.”

Hence the essence of the Studio’s vision, Il Valore della Consulenza per il Valore dell’Azienda©, according to which “competencies, knowledge, style and philosophical passion for business administration must at the service, intended as socio-professional commitment, of all respective systems and must effectively and ethically contribute to the creation of value.”

Studio Macario®, in accordance with its inspirational vision and especially with the innovative spirit of the meaning of advisory management and developmental value for client companies, carries out corporate advisory services characterized by highly strategic management profiles, such as:

  • strategic and project management
  • strategic planning and management
  • knowledge and change management
  • business organization and corporate governance
  • enterprise risk management and internal control system
  • business finance and corporate finance
  • internal audit, compliance and corporate audit
  • tax planning and economic and financial information
  • enterprise resource planning e ICT
  • ethics management and corporate social responsibility

Within these activities, worth mentioning is corporate and administrative consulting, mainly oriented towards the drafting of corporate acts, such as statutes and shareholders’ agreements.

In the area of economic and financial information, worth mentioning is the drafting of financial statements in accordance with national and international accounting standards (ias/ifrs), as well as of acts, reports and information documents for business combinations and extraordinary operations, such as internal control reports, due diligence and business valuations.

The Studio’s constant improvement has come to the creation of a respective organizational structure which, endorsing the identity of “knowledge, know how, and know how to be a manager” as in the fundamental principle of the “cross-functionality of a manager’s knowledge”, enhances all necessary specializations required by the various dynamic components of “corporate systems”.

Within such innovative and strategic approach, the Studio’s organization into divisions by objectives followed. These are all set up with the highest flexibility and equipped with operational units at both national and international scale. Moreover, they are defined by the presence of qualified professional Representatives, also specialized in administering them, which together make up the Studio’s Team Management.

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