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Studio Macario

Studio Audit e Management Advisory of Professor Giuseppe, Pio Macario, established in 1992.
It carries out corporate advisory services characterized by highly strategic management profiles for creating value for its customers, such as strategic and project management, strategic planning and management, ...
The Studio Macario has acted as promoter and founder of MJM® Network, of which Macario J Management Srl (MJM Srl) is a leader.

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Macario J Management

The core activity carried out by Macario J Management® Srl - Enterprise Management Advisory is management consulting in the area of strategic planning, project management and management control. Also ERM and ERP systems.
Moreover, it performs research and training activities for businesses, management and professionals, according to the most innovative management learning and business excellence education models.

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MJM Network

MJM® Network covers a wide range of management areas and has developed an extensive territorial presence during the years. Composed of an ample team of excellent professionals with long-standing experience, MJM® Network is consolidated in more than 20 years of activity and experience by its owner, Giuseppe Pio Macario. MJM® Network embodies the denomination of the management consulting firm Macario J Management® Srl, lead of the very same network.

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“It is always people who make the difference, both in terms of philosophical and economic conceptions of Mankind, as manufacturers of conscious change, and of Companies, as social systems oriented towards the creation of their respective social value.”

It is from this personal understanding that Giuseppe Pio Macario progressively developed a lean thinking approach for the Studio Audit & Management Macario® and therefore for the very same Structure.

The attentive respect of the values he believes in and which inspire him, among which the “circularity of being” at the forefront, has brought him to disseminate such values with Professionals who have shared common visions, thus reinforcing a lean and systemic relationship for the development of projects, works, ideas and professional style, guided by the peculiar inspirational vision of being a management advisor: “advisory value for enterprise value”.

As a result, a constant improvement of the Studio Macario® has come to the creation of a respective organizational structure which endorses the identity of “knowledge, know how, and know how to be a manager”. This in turn feeds on another principle, annotated and lavished by its Founder ever since: “the cross-functionality of a manager's knowledge”.
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Along such innovative spirit, the internal organizational and directional solution has been arranged into divisions by objectives, all set up with the highest flexibility and equipped with operational units at both national and international level. Moreover, they are defined by the presence of qualified professional Representatives, also specialized in administering them, which together make up the Team Management of the Studio Audit & Management Macario®.

This is how the cross-functionality of knowledge, the sharing of knowledge and values, and therefore the circularity of being, have guided the Studio’s strategy. Also, such ideas have come to the consolidation of a parent identity which resides in Macario’s peculiar model and management style of conceiving, projecting, and providing consulting services in the field of corporate management.

As for the implementation, this strategic core orientation has guided the Studio Macario, upon initiative of its Founder, Giuseppe Pio Macario, to establish and develop over the years a specific professional network: MJM Network®, characterized by an extensive territorial presence. This network is named after the acronym and brand name of the leading entity, Macario J Management® Srl, expert company in research, innovation, training and enterprise management advisory.

The course and improvement of the Macario consulting model, thanks to its lean thinking mind set, today amount to an articulate and systemic professional reality such as to constitute a professional platform firm, whose philosophy is lavished in the brand identity, Macario Management Advisory, which encloses the core spirit of its Founder:
"Competencies, knowledge, style, and philosophical passion for business administration must be at the service, intended as socio-professional commitment, of all respective systems and must effectively and ethically contribute to the creation of value."

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